The Artist

Terry-Lee Bourgeois-King

TerryLee300Growing up in a small town has its perks - like playing in the mud. However, finding something to do was always a challenge. I grew up in such a place in Canada - Cowbay, Nova Scotia. I always wished art classes were more accessible. This is the primary goal of the studio - to make Art accessible. I went to the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, now called NSCAD University, and finished my BFA in 1995. I studied a lot of drawing, painting, and photography and of course pottery. While at NSCAD I also obtained a BEd and specialized in Art Education, earning my Nova Scotia teachers license. I taught public and private school briefly and traveled the world. I studied more pottery in Texas, and in Calgary, and I even spent time in West Africa with some potters. In Calgary, I began teaching recreational art and pottery classes to adults and children and came to realize how important recreational art making is to everyone. I decided it was time to come back to Nova Scotia and provide a safe, fun, relaxing environment where children and adults could socialize, play, and experience art making in a positive, non-intimidating way. Welcome to my studio.


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